Portraits of Thirty-three Swordsmen – 14 Si Ming Mountain Dhūta

No. 14 Si Ming Mountain Dhūta: the Daoist doesn’t want to learn, there’s nothing the Buddhist can do.

Xu Ji of Sichuan lived on Si Ming Mountain when he was young, while he was studying Yi Jing with Jin Zheng Jun.

One day, a couple came up the mountain, carrying a pot of wine with them, asking if they could stay for a night. Xu Ji asked where they came from, they said they just left Lishan County earlier in the day. Astonished, Xu Ji asked “That is quite far away, how could you get here in one day?” The couple did not reply. The couple is quite young, the woman is quite beautiful, but stern, saying very little.

That night, the couple took out that wine and invited Xu Ji for a drink. The man took out a clapping board covered with brass nails, and started clapping and singing. The songs were all about swordsmanship. After a while, he took out two objects from his sleeves. Pulling them apart, with a shout two shinny, sharp swords sprang into life. They danced over Xu Ji’s head, often clashing. They were bright as lightening, the sound loud and continuous. Extremely fearful, Xu Ji dare not move. After a while, the man put the swords back into case. After the wine was gone the couple retired to their room.

The next day when Xu Ji went to see them, the room was empty except for the bed. They were long gone.

Around noon time, a Dhūta came looking for the young couple. Xu Ji told them everything that had happened. The Dhūta said “I am a fellow traveler on the same path, will the daoist (Xu Ji was wearing Daoist clothing at the time) be willing to learn swordsmanship with me?” Xu Ji politely declined “I have studied Daoism since when I was little, I do not want to learn this.” The Dhūta smiled proudly, then asked Xu Ji some water to clean his feet. Shortly afterward he was gone.

Later Xu Ji ran into the Dhūta again in Huayin, only then he realized the Dhūta was also a xia.


When Du Guangting was travelling from capitol Changan to Sichuan, he stayed at Zitong county’s governor’s mansion . Not long after he arrived, a monk showed up. As it turns out the county governor knew this monk. The monk said to the governor “I just came from Xingyuan”. The two places are very far apart, so Du was astonished. The next day the monk left. The county governor told Du “This monk knew ‘Lu Lu Qiao’ light body skill. He’s a swordsman.”


The poet monk Qi Ji once met a monk in Wei Mountain (Hunan) under a pine tree. The monk pulled out two swords from under his fingernails, jumped up and flew away.








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